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Try Cryotherapy one of the fastest growing treatments in the health & wellness industry.

A revolutionary method of cold therapy that involves standing in our whole body chamber while exposing the body to subzero temperatures. This exclusive treatment lasts for a total of 3 minutes. 

What is Cryotherapy?

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Cryotherapy treatments expose you to temperatures of 230 to negative 250 degrees fahrenheit, causing the body to draw blood to the heart and vital organs where it will become more oxygenated and nutrient dense. As blood is pumped back through your body it reduces inflammation, improves muscle tissue recovery and boosts your immune system. All while making you feel incredible!

What to expect with a Luxii Cryo treatment?

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Upon arrival, our friendly receptionist will get you to complete and sign the waiver which confirms you are good to go. Participants change into a robe, dry socks and gloves which we supply. Men will need to wear cotton briefs or boxers. Women can wear underwear and a sports bra (no metal) but it is not necessary. All jewelry and piercings need to be removed. ALL GARMENTS MUST BE DRY!

Once you are in your protective clothing, you will enter the cryo chamber and begin your treatment. Once inside the chamber and the door is shut. you will remove your robe. Only your head and neck are visible throughout the entire process. Before you know it, you will be feeling the invigorating and healing effects of cryotherapy and the entire 3 minute treatment will be completed.

Is it better to do Cryo before or after my workout?

Its your call! The only thing to consider is that we need your body and underwear (if applicable) to be DRY. If you are just coming in from having finished an intense workout and are still sweaty then we suggest drying off and ensuring you are completely dry before commencing your treatment. If doing before a workout expect to train like you never have before based on the energy you’re about to receive.

I don’t like the cold. Is Cryotherapy going to be miserable?

Think of doing Cryo like doing some vigorous exercise…chances are you don’t find going on

a jog or lifting weights very comfortable, but you love the way you feel afterwards. Let’s face

it, some people have a higher tolerance to the extreme cold than others. Depending on your

tolerance, we can adjust the length of your treatment - this is why sometimes your first

session with us may be shorter and less intense just to figure out what will be best for you

moving forward. Doing Cryotherapy is nothing like doing an ice bath or even jumping into the

ocean in winter (ouch!) so if you have done that before, you can expect this to be much easier

How soon will I see results?

Most people notice some of the benefits right away,  namely an energy boost, an endorphin rush, and even a better nights sleep! To fully realize the benefits of Cryo we encourage you to do 3 sessions across a 7 day window. Post this phase it would depend on your reason for use that would determine the volume of treatment we suggest. After the first month of consistency, most people notice the more dramatic benefits of Cryotherapy.

Who shouldn't do Cryo?

Anyone who is pregnant, has severe heart conditions, past heart attacks, has very high blood pressure, or has a allergy should not do Cryotherapy.

Why does a treatment only last 2-3 minutes?

Just a few minutes is all the time the body needs to fully respond to the cold exposure. The

physiological response includes Vaso-constriction, the release of endorphins, and a drop in skin temperature of around 40 degrees. Being exposed to this level of cold for long periods

of time would be dangerous, but as long as you are wearing socks and gloves, 3 minutes is

completely safe and all that is necessary to promote the systemic benefit.

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